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Hello everyone!  Welcome to September Lane a Personal Style Hub for Savvy Women.  My name is Sarah and I am the one woman show behind the brand.  What can I tell you about myself?  I am a wife, mother of {soon to be} two, daytime kindergarten teacher and nighttime personal stylist with a passion for helping ladies like you solve your closet problems!

september lane personal styling hub for women

We all hear the same thing every single day.. “I need to buy some clothes but it’s so frustrating hopping from store to store!”, “Target is LIFE”, “It was on sale so I just bought it”, “I’m never going to wear this”, “I don’t know how to wear this”, “Does it fit?” and the list goes on and on and on.

It’s comments like those that have led me to develop this hub.  My journey started about 4 years ago when I graduated from college.  I had my teaching contract signed and was ready to go!  I had pinned all of the best pins and laminated ALL THE THINGS.. but then I had to get dressed and was thrown for a loop.  College clothes are a lot different than professional career clothes!  So I discovered and started using the Poshmark app like it was nobody’s business. I sold all of my college attire {i.e. yoga pants and hoodies} on that app and used the profits to buy professional clothes.  I did that for about three years and I absolutely loved it!!

It was so much fun that I opened my own boutique.  I carried mostly dresses, tops and a huge line of adorable monograms.  Sometimes, life gives you a rack and you just have to fill it with clothes!  Though I loved being a boutique owner, I felt like something was missing.  I didn’t want to just buy clothes to sell them.. I’m a teacher, so, naturally want to help people and problem solve.

All of those steps landed me right here launching this Hub full of personal styling goodies.  I have so many awesome plans for this Hub and hope you all decide to stick around!  Aside from our awesome wardrobe boxes, you can check out our self-paced personal styling courses!  Definitely stick around for a while and snag tons of tips and advice from our blog, or through social media.

There you have it!  Sarah and September Lane in a nutshell.
Comment below and tell us your closet problems or post them in my Facebook Group!

Until next time, Sarah and September Lane.

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