5 Minute Fix: New Ways to Wear Chambray

So ‘5 Minute Fix’ is an awesome blog series that we love.  Basically, were are all in a huge hurry and need fast inspiration + tips.  That’s where we come in!  These posts will be short, sweet and to the point.

This one is all about our old buddy chambray.  Thought there was only one way to wear it?  You were wrong!  Here are a bunch of new ways to bring it in to your wardrobe.

Have you considered wearing it:

  • [with a button down] tying up the bottom?
  • [with a button down] leaving it open and wearing a caged cami?
  • [with a button down] mix 1 + 2!
  • [with a tunic] adding leggings + wedges?
  • [with any outfit] wearing chambray bandage style shoes or wedges?
  • [with any skirt] tucking your top into your skirt with a statement necklace?

Try these styles + post about them in our Facebook Group.  It’s free to join {bit.ly/septemberlane}!

Let’s talk soon? Sarah

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