Pinterest Dupes: The Fall Plaid Blanket Scarf

Fall Pinterest Pins are buzzing and this one is no exception!  This beautiful blanket scarf has swept the nation with it’s fall and winter color palette, making it the anchor for countless outfits.  We ran some numbers and found that it has been pinned 310K+ times!!  Congrats to this scarf.. it’s definitely internet famous.

Because we are budget conscious ladies, we always talk about versatility and transitions when it comes to our wardrobe.  Of course, right?  We want pieces that LOOK expensive but aren’t going to break the bank.  This scarf has a serious cold weather color pattern and works for fall + winter.

Here are some of our favorite outfits anchored by this oversized piece of Pinterest history:

Just as the collage shows, the best ways to wear this are with dresses or jeans.  The key is LAYERING.  Grab a slub style t-shirt with a duster or waterfall cardigan.  Tuck the t-shirt into the front of your jeans and poof!

In true Pinterest tradition, we found it, we love it, we have to have it… click it.. GONE.  But don’t worry- September Lane Personal Styling Hub has some and we will gladly share them with you :).  As always, our dupes are very limited in quantity, so don’t hesitate.

Click here to purchase the scarf that swept Pinterest.

Until next time ladies,

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The Perfect Stitch Fix and Why I Returned It

Have you heard of Stitch Fix?  Of course you have.. it is AMAZING!  Just in case you haven’t, here is the bottom line- you pay a styling fee ($20) and you get a box of hand chosen clothes delivered to you each month.  When you get the box.. you try everything on and decide what you want to keep and if you want to return anything.  You pay for the clothes once you decide!  I love this concept.  I mean, who has time to shop for themselves?!  The last thing I bought for myself was a salad from Wawa and the last time I went clothes shopping was… I don’t even know!  Stitch Fix was at the top of my list!  I quickly went through the process and waited, receiving my ‘fix’ a few days later.  I loved everything- it was just my style and all of the pieces fit like a glove!  But I still ended up returning everything and this is why.

Keeping all of those pieces would have been a dream. It really would have been!  But unfortunately, to keep everything would have meant spending $300+ on 6 pieces.  I was heartbroken to have to return it.  Of course, you don’t have to keep everything, but the individual prices weren’t much more affordable for my financial circumstances..  I’m a teacher.  My favorite was a beautiful burnt orange cardigan.  I would have totally kept that if nothing else- but that alone was $60.  In my classroom, a $60 cardigan is a booger target, paint magnet and sharpie disaster waiting to happen.

Bottom line: I simply could not afford to keep any of the pieces.

I know, I know.  But, I’m early into my 9-5 career with a growing family and want to spend that extra cash on fun things with my family!  Who doesn’t?  That’s why I have developed my newest offering- THE WARDROBE BOX.

What’s a teacher got to do with fashion?  Great question.  I’m not going to bore you with those details during this blogpost but I will have one up about my journey to September Lane Personal Style Hub soon :).  Promise!  In the meantime, let’s talk more about these wardrobe boxes.


Here are the highlights:

  • Take a quick style audit survey {here}.
  • Spend $12.95 and choose 5, 7 or 9 pieces to be sent right to you every six weeks!
  • Each box can include clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories.
  • No one item will be more than $50.  Can your current subscription box boast that?
  • No styling fee, no commitment to keep and no crappy boxes :).
  • Keep and purchase what appeals to you and return everything else.

Created for a Teacher, by a Teacher.
But of course we don’t discriminate-
any woman is welcome to purchase!

We are so pumped to debut these boxes.  Get started with yours right here!

Now of course, as I said earlier.. this isn’t knocking or trying to break down Stitch Fix in any way.  I really did love it and think the concept is amazing!  I just wanted to bring to light a more affordable option for women that are in the same position as me!  Don’t forget to share this post if you agree!



#Adulting and Vacation Prep

I know.. we want it all to be rainbows and butterflies.  But vacation isn’t as easy as it used to be.  Now that our college years are over, we have these pesky thoughts in our head.. like negative body image (seriously when was the last time you got in the pool at a pool party?).. wait.. do they still have those?  You could be traveling with your kids or even more stressful is worrying about them when you leave them behind.  Or even worse… all you can think about is the pile of work waiting for you when you get back to the 9-5.  Have no fear!  We are here and have the necessities you need to prepare in this list.

preparing for vacation #adulting

For the sake of a beach tote full of sand toys, let’s pretend you are going on an adults-only trip.

You will need…

  1. Vacation Mindset (AKA LAZY MODE).

You need it!  Trust the person caring for your kids, use your vacation time from work as a vacation and toss the BS + tasks to the curb.  You have been drooling over these reservations for a while.. put them to good use.  Turn on the sun, beach and all-inclusive drinks.  A great way to get started is to put your phone in your tote AND LEAVE IT THERE.  You don’t need to check Facebook or Instagram.  You don’t need to see your work e-mails.  They will just bring you down.  What you NEED is to chill out and enjoy your time away.

  1. Multi-Wear Clothes + Accessories.

The second biggest headache has got to be packing.  I know.. I can feel you rolling your eyes.  To check or not check a bag.  That is the question!  Make it easier on yourself and pack things that can be worn more than one way.  Our favorite is a beach wrap.  Monday: wear it as a waist tie skirt.  On Tuesday it can be a summer scarf and finish off Wednesday with a strapless cover up!

  1. Face protection.. in your makeup.

Beach pictures are on the rise, but who wants their picture taken when they are wearing no makeup?!  Or even worse if you put on some foundation and then try to add a layer of sunscreen.  UGH.  Sun damage on your face and wrinkles are definitely real my friend.  Our solution: Use a face powder or foundation that contains SPF!  We like Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free SPF 30 Loose Powder from Ulta.  It’s portable, affordable and talc-free!

  1. A Hater Blocker 

AKA, a floppy hat.  Have you ever had sunburn on your scalp?  Not only does it hurt badly.. but then you get back to work on Monday and your scalp is dandruff central.  No further explanation needed.

  1. The biggest sanity saver of all- an empty trash bag.

Weird?  Maybe.  But think of how awesome it will be to have all of your drink stained, sunscreen soaked, sandy pocket (dirty) clothes in one spot!  It will be amazing that they don’t mix with your fresh clothes!  Your clean clothes will stay fresh AND it makes for super easy clean-up once you get home.  Just dump that bad boy in the washer and POOF!  NO SORTING NECESSARY!

Now that you have the top necessities for vacationing when you have ‘adulting’ problems.. get to packing and hit the sand!  Feeling like we missed something?  Leave us a comment below and let us know!  What are your must-haves?

Until next time, Sarah

5 Minute Fix: New Ways to Wear Chambray

So ‘5 Minute Fix’ is an awesome blog series that we love.  Basically, were are all in a huge hurry and need fast inspiration + tips.  That’s where we come in!  These posts will be short, sweet and to the point.

This one is all about our old buddy chambray.  Thought there was only one way to wear it?  You were wrong!  Here are a bunch of new ways to bring it in to your wardrobe.

Have you considered wearing it:

  • [with a button down] tying up the bottom?
  • [with a button down] leaving it open and wearing a caged cami?
  • [with a button down] mix 1 + 2!
  • [with a tunic] adding leggings + wedges?
  • [with any outfit] wearing chambray bandage style shoes or wedges?
  • [with any skirt] tucking your top into your skirt with a statement necklace?

Try these styles + post about them in our Facebook Group.  It’s free to join {}!

Let’s talk soon? Sarah

September Lane: Personal Style Hub

Hello everyone!  Welcome to September Lane a Personal Style Hub for Savvy Women.  My name is Sarah and I am the one woman show behind the brand.  What can I tell you about myself?  I am a wife, mother of {soon to be} two, daytime kindergarten teacher and nighttime personal stylist with a passion for helping ladies like you solve your closet problems!

september lane personal styling hub for women

We all hear the same thing every single day.. “I need to buy some clothes but it’s so frustrating hopping from store to store!”, “Target is LIFE”, “It was on sale so I just bought it”, “I’m never going to wear this”, “I don’t know how to wear this”, “Does it fit?” and the list goes on and on and on.

It’s comments like those that have led me to develop this hub.  My journey started about 4 years ago when I graduated from college.  I had my teaching contract signed and was ready to go!  I had pinned all of the best pins and laminated ALL THE THINGS.. but then I had to get dressed and was thrown for a loop.  College clothes are a lot different than professional career clothes!  So I discovered and started using the Poshmark app like it was nobody’s business. I sold all of my college attire {i.e. yoga pants and hoodies} on that app and used the profits to buy professional clothes.  I did that for about three years and I absolutely loved it!!

It was so much fun that I opened my own boutique.  I carried mostly dresses, tops and a huge line of adorable monograms.  Sometimes, life gives you a rack and you just have to fill it with clothes!  Though I loved being a boutique owner, I felt like something was missing.  I didn’t want to just buy clothes to sell them.. I’m a teacher, so, naturally want to help people and problem solve.

All of those steps landed me right here launching this Hub full of personal styling goodies.  I have so many awesome plans for this Hub and hope you all decide to stick around!  Aside from our awesome wardrobe boxes, you can check out our self-paced personal styling courses!  Definitely stick around for a while and snag tons of tips and advice from our blog, or through social media.

There you have it!  Sarah and September Lane in a nutshell.
Comment below and tell us your closet problems or post them in my Facebook Group!

Until next time, Sarah and September Lane.