Style Anytime Box

We take enormous pride in our wardrobe boxes.  They are our calling and we hand-select each piece for every client.  Read about the Style Anytime Box below.

The Style Anytime Box is the backbone of September Lane’s Wardrobe Boxes.  Each piece is hand-chosen with your likes and needs in mind.  It can include tops, bottoms, dresses, jewelry, shoes and layering pieces.  Basically, everything you need for your closet.  This box will ship every 6 weeks, unless you decide to take a break.  You are free to skip a box or cancel at anytime.  You are under no contracts or obligations with September Lane’s Wardrobe Boxes.

After you fill out the audit, select the number of pieces you want to receive.  You can choose between 5 or 7.  We recommend going the distance with 7.  That way you can maximize the pieces that you have to choose from.  It’s always better to see a bigger variety at once to really hone in on what you like and what will work with the pieces you already have.  You are never under an obligation to keep any of the items that you receive.

Have more questions?  Yeah, we did too.  That’s why we answered them here on this FAQ page!